Today’s Vietnam Analogy (No. 2) by mattsteinglass
February 15, 2007, 3:44 pm
Filed under: Iraq, United States, Vietnam

Khe Sanh 1968Khe Sanh, Feb. 1968

Baghdad CH-46 Feb 2007 Baghdad, Feb. 2007

…the U.S. news media trailed behind public opinion — and Congress lagged even farther. The legislature’s main instrument was its constitutional authority to appropriate money for the war, but senators and representatives repelled by the Vietnam conflict consistently balked at using that prerogative, lest they be charged with shunning their patriotic obligation to furnish funds to the fighting men in the field. …During the seven-year span from July 1966 through July 1973, Congress recorded one hundred and thirteen votes on proposals related to the war. But its first limitation on U.S. military activities in Southeast Asia was not imposed until 1969 — a restriction on American troop deployments in Cambodia and Laos — and it directed its full opposition to a continued commitment in the region only in August 1973, when it voted to stop all bombing throughout Indochina. By then, the U.S. combat forces had been withdrawn and the American prisoners of war held in Hanoi had come home; the argument that “our boys” needed support had lost its validity.
— Stanley Karnow, “Vietnam: A History”, P.504

You draw the parallels.


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