Vietnamese People Who Have The Same Name: Pt. 1 by mattsteinglass
March 9, 2007, 6:32 pm
Filed under: Vietnam

We foreigners love to make jokes about the relatively low number of monosyllabic names in Vietnamese, and hence the likelihood that any moderate-sized group of Vietnamese will contain two people with the same names who must be distinguished with some type of epithet or nickname. Ha ha, we foreigners are highly amusing, we make jokes about various phenomena which strike us as unusual. Anyway, this inaugurates a series of posts on Vietnamese people who have exactly the same name as each other and how in a piquant fashion this points out the arbitrary quantum stratum underlying all our supposedly orderly statistical reality, assuming they actually are different people and not the same dude holding down two very different jobs. Today’s entry is:


Click here to go to a portrait of the poet Le Dat by the artist Bui Quang Anh.

Click here to go to an article warning that chicken flu may have reached the Hanoi suburbs, according to the director of the Agriculture Ministry’s Animal Health Department, Bui Quang Anh.

If you have any other Bui Quang Anh’s to add to the list, or if you find this series of posts mortally stupid and think I should shut up and watch TV, please don’t hesitate to comment.

Update: I have revised this post because the first time I wrote it, it was even stupider.


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