Sure Am Glad I Have Opposable Thumbs by mattsteinglass
March 17, 2007, 5:07 pm
Filed under: United States

In an article on the madness of market-based health insurance today in Slate, Tim Noah infuriates with faint castigation, noting in language that’s far too delicate that people pay far more attention to the political impossibility of getting single-payer health insurance than to the actual human-suffering impossibility of allowing the existing homicidal greedfest that is the American health-care system to continue. Anyway, towards the end of the piece, Noah makes his obligatory kowtow to the beast God Kapital, as follows:

Markets can do many wonderful things, which is why I’m glad to live in a capitalist country.

Can someone please, please, point out that there are no non-capitalist countries anymore???!!! Thanking your lucky stars you live in a capitalist country is like being grateful for not living in an absolute hereditary monarchy, or for not living in a rabbit warren, or for not living in a universe where the cosmological constant is slightly higher so that it’s impossible for matter to cohere.

Oh, wait! I forgot! North Korea and Cuba! So I guess all Slate writes had better make sure to include a ritual paean to capitalism in every piece dealing with health care, lest somebody tell them to go move to Pyongyang if they hate private enterprise so much. I wish in the future apologists for the health insurance industry would give up the absurd “socialism” bogeyman for something more plausible, like warning us that if we embrace single-payer health insurance, vampire bats will come and suck our brains out.


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