It Is Sexy to Expose Oneself to the Risk of Severe Brain Injury by mattsteinglass
March 23, 2007, 9:24 am
Filed under: Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is going to bite the bullet and force everyone to wear helmets when they ride their motorbikes. No date announced yet, but one hopes it’s ASAP, since it’s kind of hard to morally excuse all the fractured skulls that occur between the time one decides to institute this law and the time it actually gets instituted. Questions: Why are  people resistant to wearing helmets? Is it because it’s harder to flirt, check out the action, etc. when everyone’s heads are cloaked? And why is this such an “unsexy” subject for international public-health organizations? We’ve got all these massive global programs to fight AIDS, yet:

A representative of the Asian Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF), Ms. Mirjam Sidik, said the number of people injured and killed in motorbike accidents would rank third among the risks around the world, much higher than that of the HIV/AIDS pandemic….The death toll caused by traffic accidents in Vietnam has increased sharply in recent years, reaching 13,000 last year alone, with 70 percent due to motorbike accidents. Pham Van Thinh, head of the HCMC Traffic Police Department, told the conference that all of the people killed in motorbike accidents in the city last year were not wearing helmets.

Hey, I just thought of an awesome PSA slogan for their campaign: “It’s a no-brainer!” Probably doesn’t translate so well into Vietnamese.

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