No Gun Ri by mattsteinglass
April 16, 2007, 8:41 pm
Filed under: United States, Vietnam, War

A terribly depressing aspect of the revelation that documents, concealed by the 2001 Pentagon investigation, show the US Army in Korea had an official policy of shooting refugees, is that it gives one the sense that any number of such massacres may in fact have occurred. Various Koreans have apparently filed complaints with their government over the years regarding 60 similar incidents, and the news that the Army lied and whitewashed the No Gun Ri affair — fifty years after the fact! —  leads one to doubt that its denials of any of those other massacres are legitimate.

As for Vietnam — who even knows. There doesn’t seem to be any way to guess at how many times this kind of thing happened.

Captain Death was the Gimlet’s favorite company commander… The Gimlet wanted results and Black Death got them. I remember the first day of Operation Wheeler/Wallowa back in mid-November before Harker and Strickland joined Delta. I heard Black Death call Steel Gimlet on the radio.
“Steel Gimlet, this is Black Death. We swept the valley and found nothing but women and children.”
“Black Death, this is Steel Gimlet. Go back through the valley and when you come out you’d better have a body count.”
Two hours later. “Steel Gimlet, this is Black Death. We have a body count of twenty-one.”
That was the Nam, you know.

— Ike McMillan, US Army mortarman, later POW. In Zalin Grant, “Survivors: Vietnam POWs Tell Their Stories”, 1975.


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