The Vietnam Analogy, Pt. 8: Now Guaranteed to Drive Dick Cheney Completely Insane by mattsteinglass
May 9, 2007, 4:20 pm
Filed under: United States, Vietnam, War

There’s been a little discussion running on the “Vietnam Studies Group” email list for the past week or so as to whether the appropriate Vietnam-Iraq analogy would be more to France’s Indochina war (1945-54). The argument is that the war was more fragmented at that point, with the Viet Minh still just one force among many (such as the Binh Xuyen and Hoa Hao in the Mekong Delta), and alliances forming and re-forming in a fluid and confusing fashion, much like Iraq today. Some of the academics on the list have pointed out that there were suicide bombers, too.

I just wanted to warn any of the noted academics on the list against making this argument to American neo-conservatives, lest they find themselves in a duel. The only statement a neo-con could possibly find more infuriating than “Iraq is Vietnam” would be “Iraq is Vietnam — and the US is France!”


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