Roundup: Depends on Who’s the Bomber, Who’s the Bombee by mattsteinglass
May 25, 2007, 10:26 pm
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Blog roundup:

  •  Glenn Greenwald notes that surveys show citizens of Muslim countries are far less supportive than Americans of the proposition that attacks on civilians for political goals can be justified. I think it stems from the way people subliminally envision the phrase. For citizens of most Muslim countries, “attacks on civilians” subconsciously evokes attacks against them (US or Israeli bombing, or terrorist violence — most suicide bombs kill Muslims). For Americans, “attacks on civilians” still subconsciously evokes attacks by US forces (Germany and Japan, Vietnam, and Iraq). The solitary event of 9/11 really hasn’t changed that.
  • Swopa at Needlenose thinks the way for the Democrats to get the votes needed to cut off Iraq funding next time around is to highlight the war’s mounting US death toll. Kevin Drum says no, highlighting the death toll makes Democrats look like wimpy losers, the thing to do is to concentrate on how the war is a purposeless waste. Drum is right, but the thing is that the public already thinks the war is a purposeless waste; the question now is how to fuel a sense of urgency re: pulling out. There, the “last man to die for a mistake” issue becomes crucial.

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