More Brooks nonsense by mattsteinglass
June 8, 2007, 1:39 pm
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From today’s column on why he is a “Hamiltonian”, i.e. a conservative who believes in government intervention to stimulate the productivity of the workforce and economy:

We Hamiltonians disagree with the … mainstream liberals, because their programs haven’t worked out. Retraining programs for displaced workers have flopped. Tax code changes to reduce outsourcing are symbolic. Federal jobs programs aren’t effective. Moreover, the high taxes you need to pay for these programs sap the economy.

Brooks obviously knows that the things he lists — job retraining, tax code changes, and “federal job programs”, whatever they are (AmeriCorps? The Peace Corps?) — cost virtually nothing, a few billion dollars a year max. American taxes primarily go to 1. entitlement programs like Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security, which are essentially a form of national poverty insurance; and 2. the US military. The idea that US citizens pay high taxes to support “federal job programs” is so ludicrous that Brooks obviously knows it’s not true; it’s simply a deliberate lie. People should not be allowed to get away with telling deliberate untruths like this in the pages of responsible media organs.


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This is my first reading of your excellent blog. I hope you take on Friedman too; another NY Times “expert” columnist who drives me crazy.

Comment by Tom Miller

Glad to hear from you Tom. Upcoming post will accept your mission.

Comment by mattsteinglass

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