Taiwan: Fetchez la vache by mattsteinglass
June 11, 2007, 2:55 pm
Filed under: China, United States, War

The IHT says the Chinese are in quest of an arsenal which will make the threat of an assault on Taiwan so overwhelming that the US will relinquish its security guarantee — or rather, that would simply raise the costs and uncertainties to the US so high that it might simply give up the game. Subs and cruise missiles to kill or detain the US’s carrier battle groups; ballistic missiles to wipe out Taiwanese defenses; long-range strategic aircraft to take the air superiority battle to the Chinese; and, most important, anti-sat missiles and lasers to degrade the US’s battlefield information systems and force it to fight a “WWII-style war”.

It does somehow seem implausible that the US could indefinitely maintain superiority over an island that’s 100 miles from China and 10,000 from California. But then, isn’t China the one that would be trying to invade here? Shouldn’t they be more worried about what the US’s subs could do to their ships as they try to get men and material across the Straits, or what a Taiwanese insurgency could do to their battlefield information systems? This is why I never know what to make of these kinds of concrete military questions.


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