Grumbling at newspaper over breakfast by mattsteinglass
June 19, 2007, 11:06 am
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Morning world:

  • Stanley Fish, anti-atheist ass, does his unintentional best to convince me that postmodernism really is just credulous, muddle-headed obscurantism, rather than the healthy, sophisticated skepticism I thought it was as an undergrad;
  • The anti-China-products wave gathers strength, with a NYT piece noting that all the toys recalled in the US last year were made in China — less surprising when you consider that 70 to 80 percent of all the toys sold in the US last year were made in China;
  • US attacks lots of insurgent bases simultaneously, shifting from failing “inkblot” strategy to brilliant “spattering drops of ink all over the place” strategy;
  • Hamas beats Fatah — US doubles down its bet on the loser (fingers crossed);
  • President Triet arrives in US. Meanwhile, the US Court of Appeals, 2nd District, was scheduled to hear the Vietnamese Agent Orange victims’ appeal of the dismissal of their suit yesterday. Hard to guess what the outcome might be — it seems unlikely that Judge Weinstein’s 2005 decision to dismiss the suit will be reversed on the international-law grounds, but there is substantially better new scientific evidence regarding the extent and location of dioxin poisoning than there was a few years ago, and perhaps that will shore up the plaintiffs’ claims on the source of the damage.

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