Your government, figuring it out five years late by mattsteinglass
June 23, 2007, 11:16 am
Filed under: Terrorism, United States

Hey, guess what? Guantanamo is doing the US more harm than good in the struggle against terrorism! Top government officials think we should just close it down!

The momentum for closing the camp has come in part from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who has argued repeatedly that the detention unit has acquired such a shabby image abroad that legal proceedings involving the terrorist suspects would not be respected around the world.

And you know how sometimes these articles have these jump-up-in-your-face bits buried down somewhere in the text? Here they are:

But the Cabinet deputies are recommending that the process be accelerated, and at a meeting that had been scheduled for today, they were expected to urge a White House announcement on Guantanamo within weeks, according to the officials wrestling with the issue. …The meeting was canceled as a result of a report by The Associated Press on Thursday about the meeting, according to officials who knew about the session.

Wow! Did the NY Times just say the Administration was neglecting critical, substantive policy efforts because of catty day-to-day PR concerns? Well what about this:

The abrupt cancellation of the meeting prompted a statement on Thursday evening by Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council, that was true but did not reflect the state of the debate about the detention camp.

Wow! Did the NY Times just say an Administration spokesman was peddling bull****? Are we allowed to do that now, in the press? Wow! This is a whole new ballgame!


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