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June 27, 2007, 11:13 am
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An odd English transliteration of “Den Haag”, short for “‘s-Gravenhage”, “the count’s hedge”; in its abbreviated and universally recognized form it simply means “the hedge”. As everyone knows, it’s the capital of the Netherlands and the headquarters of the International Court of Justice (or “World Court”) and, more recently, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Court. It is the place where the world, in its perhaps arrested moment of international humanitarian consensus in the late ’90s, decided it would send people like Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic and Liberia’s Charles Taylor: heads of state who planned, executed or abetted genocide, mass rape, the amputation of hands and so forth.

Robert Lowell’s poem “Stalin” compares the state to a hedge.

The state, if we could see behind the wall,
is woven of perishable vegetation.
Stalin? What shot him clawing up the tree of power —
millions plowed under with the crops they grew,
his intimates dying like the spider-bridegroom?

Lowell wrote the poem during Watergate, a political moment closely analogous in its comprehensive frustration, disgust and despair to the present one.

The laws and institutions that hold the state together are precisely as strong as people’s instinctive commitment to following them. They are surprisingly easy to kill; one need only have a parasitical body of some kind, a weed, which wraps itself around them, tighter and tighter. With enough people inside the hedge who no longer care about the aims and rules that structured the hedge, the hedge dies. There are a large number of such parasitical actors inside our government at the moment, who could use a stern reminder of how their actions are killing off the “perishable vegetation” of the state. Perhaps we could send them to The Hague for a lesson.

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I am intrigued by this phenomenon, ‘most if not all of the ‘Existential Monsters’, the Authors of some of our most horrendous contempoary Nightmares(Charles Taylor Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, Saddam, Bush, Blair, Sharon, The church, which prohibits the use of condoms in the fight against ‘AIDs'(i.e. The POPE), The belief Systems which have so brutalized, dehumanized and almost successfully fractured us along ‘Gender,Race & Class/Caste Lines’.All seem to have this One particular Delusion…… Which is, ‘that they are guided by “GOD’S WILL” and that their actions are an instrument of “GOD’S WILL”‘……. So, millions Die in the most horrific manner becouse the church says they can’t use condoms- God’s Will- 600,000 ‘Civilians'( Men Women & Children) Slaughtered in Iraq, we are told by the people responsible that they were fulfilling -‘God’s Will…..
Ponder this a while and then reflect upon the implications of ‘THE Charles Taylor Trial’. We can substitute any of the above for ‘Charles Taylor’ and the indictment is exactly the same, they are Individually and collectively Indicted for “War Crimes, Crimes against Humainty and most Serious of ALL for ‘A Profound and Serious Violation Of ‘LIFE”
In a word, what is on Trial in “Den Haag”(The Hague)is much more than a ‘Rogue Head Of State’.
At issue are the very fundermentals of our Existence the Determinants of our Destiny. At Issue-as in the past, with the Question of the Divine Rights of Kings- today, we are dealing with the supposed Right of ‘GOD &/OR Devil’and their Adherents/Believers to unleash and visit upon us, all manner of destruction Torture and Suffering on the basis that it is God &/OR The Devils Will.
The Trial is part of a profound reconfiguring of ‘Reality’. A reality in which it is nolonger acceptable on this Planet that the GOD/DEVIL Psychopathic deluisional lunacy continues to be the determinants of Human Destiny.
The reconfiguring is in essence our shift from the ‘Horrors of a God& Devil Centered Reality, to a Human, Humane, Human-Centered and Human-Sensitive Reality and Universe.
This Momentous reconfiguring of the very texture of Reality itself is been played out ‘Within us’ and infront of us. Suffice to say that these comments and our coversation is an intergral component/part of the RECONFIGURATION!
For us it is Clear,
‘The HUMANIST’ Revolution Is The Solution!!!!

Comment by Wadi-Williams

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