War All The Time by mattsteinglass
September 12, 2007, 2:05 pm
Filed under: Iraq, United States, War

Ross Douthat approvingly cites a post from back on September 2 on John Robb’s “Global Guerrillas” blog explaining “why we’ll be staying in Iraq for a long, long time.” I clicked, knowing Robb’s blog and wondering why he would be arguing that it was a good idea for the US to stay in Iraq — that didn’t seem like his cup of tea.

Turns out the post, quite in character for Robb, argues in a completely values-free, ruthlessly analytic fashion that the US is going to be in Iraq for a long time because with structural shifts since Vietnam — improvements in Pentagon propaganda methods, the all-volunteer army, the further entrenchment of the military-industrial complex — there is no longer much of a political constraint on the ability of a democracy to fight a low-intensity war forever. In fact he argues that in a globalizing era where states face mounting challenges to their legitimacy and usefulness, they will generate such permanent wars in order to justify their existence and broaden their areas of control. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the US’s presence in Iraq.


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