It is best film of 2007 for sure, believe me by mattsteinglass
October 5, 2007, 9:13 pm
Filed under: Russia

A plot synopsis of “Nas ne dogonish“, featuring Konstantin Lavronenko, the taut pinwheel of violence and tenderness who played the father in “The Return” (2003):

The main character picture Wayne (Alexei Nesterenko), a young American, Russian origin, working models and dreams of becoming a famous couturier. On the eve of the New Year, Wayne travels to Moscow, to show fashion. His American dream to be realized if he married millionershe named Sherri. Wedding date has been appointed, and guests sent invitations But on the last day stay in Moscow Wayne meets a charming girl, the future actress named Olga, and on the lives of Americans changed dramatically Wayne fall hostage to the criminals who are three : armed guard women’s colony on behalf of Semen and two runaway prisoners pump and Bison. Soon all, and fugitives and hostage understand that they can be free, if razdobudut large sum of money. Sherry willing to pay for the buyout of Wayne, but…

Translation: An American fashion designer and his millionaire bride-to-be, two escaped criminals and a guard from a women’s prison (named Semyon, Pump and Bison), and the mysterious young actress Olga, all trying to razdobudut a large sum of money before time runs out. Plus, the title means “You’re Not Gonna Get Us” — as in Tatu’s towering lesbian-schoolgirl pop hit! How can it miss?


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