Why Vietnamese like McCain: also, he’s white by mattsteinglass
May 7, 2008, 2:31 pm
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Obviously, the  main reason Vietnamese like McCain is that they know who he is, and he fought for normalization of relations; he’s the embodiment of the whole “no hard feelings”, mutually respectful warriors, those-days-are-past-and-now-we-are-friends narrative of the war. Plus the government probably figures he’ll be more pro-free-trade than a Democrat.

On the other hand, there’s the theory advanced by a middle-aged Vietnamese woman of my acquaintance regarding Obama.

“We Vietnamese do not like Africans,” she said. “We don’t like dark-skinned people. We don’t like Indonesian people, Singapore people, Indian people.”

So there you go. I still think Obama would have a transformative effect on the US’s relations with the world abroad, and with the third world in particular. But I now have some doubts, due to the too-little-noted fact that lots of foreigners are pretty racist.

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Of relevance:

My mama voted for Obama – I’m thinking because she always takes the bus back in the bay area, and everyone who rides the bus is for Obama.

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