But as the sole remaining superpower, we can freeze time like that guy on “Heroes” and save everyone by mattsteinglass
May 19, 2008, 7:17 pm
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Robert Farley’s take on why the Burma invade-em-to-save-em concept is dumb is that these things take time, and, as DC’s greatest band ever put it, “Time is something you don’t have”:

It is simply not within the capability of the international community to carry out an invasion as humanitarian operation within the time frame dictated by this crisis.

I agree and have nothing to add. Except that George Packer is a great man and a great writer, and it pains me to disagree so strongly with him on this point. Oh, and also, that he doesn’t appear to have sufficiently thought through the consequences of this point:

It’s also possible, though it seems unlikely to me, that Burmese military units would be ordered to engage the foreigners. Shots might be fired, people might be killed. No one knows what will happen if British sailors and American airmen arrive on soggy Burmese soil.

I think this dramatically understates just how bad it would be if a humanitarian intervention in Burma ended up turning a hurricane-wrecked famine-plagued emergency zone into a hurricane-wrecked famine-plagued war zone.


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