Like a pro at his editing suite spends two weeks stitching up some bad movie by mattsteinglass
May 31, 2008, 1:30 am
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This is just to note that Okkervil River’s song arguing that life has no intrinsic narrative thrust and no moments of true catharsis, and that our attempts to shape our lives into coherent narratives or the moments when we believe ourselves to be experiencing penetrating insight in fact resemble nothing so much as the cynical technical competence of a professional film editor throwing shards of disjointed movie clips together into a bad, obvious, cheesy third-rate movie, is not only 1. true, but 2. among the greatest rock songs ever written. It is a cathartic song about the impossibility of catharsis.


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It is an absolutely marvelous song. Have you seen them live yet?

Comment by magnolia

No, just on YouTube. Probably won’t, either, unless they make the fiscally questionable move of announcing a Far East Tour.

Comment by mattsteinglass

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