McCain on the folly of persisting in unpopular wars by mattsteinglass
June 9, 2008, 8:24 pm
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Monument to the capture of John McCain, Hanoi

Monument to the capture of John McCain, Hanoi © Matt Steinglass 2008

According to conservative poster The Cunning Realist (via digby), John McCain wrote the foreword to an edition of David Halberstam’s “The Best and the Brightest”. In his foreword, McCain wrote this:

It was a shameful thing to ask men to suffer and die, to persevere through god-awful afflictions and heartache, to endure the dehumanizing experiences that are unavoidable in combat, for a cause that the country wouldn’t support over time and that our leaders so wrongly believed could be achieved at a smaller cost than our enemy was prepared to make us pay. No other national endeavor requires as much unshakable resolve as war. If the nation and the government lack that resolve, it is criminal to expect men in the field to carry it alone.

I think this pretty much speaks for itself. As usual with McCain, it’s a pleasure to hear that he’s capable of taking in different and unexpected ideas. And then it’s infuriating to realize that he ultimately rejects those ideas in favor of boundless militarism, or is simply incapable of sticking to any one idea for more than ten minutes. One thing in the above quote at least is consistent with the worldview to which he has held throughout his life: it is, for him, the country’s duty to support whatever it is the men in the field are doing, not the soldier’s duty to do something useful for the rest of his country, and to quit whatever it is he is doing when it ceases to be useful. There’s no consideration of the possibility here that “the nation and the government lack(ed) that resolve” in Vietnam because the war was a stupid idea from the get-go.


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Your ranting ideology is bullshit. You obviously don’t see the value of destroying countries who suppress their own countrymen as well as neighboring countries such as what happened with Saddam’s Iraq and it’s neighbors which he invaded and murdered people by the thousands. As young warriors go off to war they have beliefs which they pursue. Both nations demonize each other and pursue killing each other until one side or the other calls it quits. The fact that John McCain supports the war in Iraq or Afghanistan does not make him a war monger. But when leaders become dictators and submerge themselves in mass torture and ethnic cleansing policies it becomes the responsibility of who ever holds the biggest club and military might to beat these people into the ground and free the people. My suggestion to you is Don’t ever call a policeman or the military when someone kicks down your dope door and steals your nasty stash that you have been smokin. You are the type that would join the ranks with Jane Fonda, Jimmy Carter, Ralph Nader, Edward Kennedy, Malcom X, Ramona Africa,Oboma, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joyceln Elders, Dan Rather, Nancy Polosi, Louis Farakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Oprah, Sean Penn, Johnathan Edwards and the list goes on and on. You are blind and need to wake-up to the crap that people like you are preaching. You are also a warrior for the cause of evil. You are trash and will have a short lived heaven on earth until someone close to you kicks in your teeth and pisses in your face like the North Vietnamese did to our young warriors. Hello? are you Awake?

Love America or get out now

Comment by Mark Phenicie

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