It’s just a taste, and it might not come this way again by mattsteinglass
June 19, 2008, 9:17 pm
Filed under: Music

Spencer Ackerman, who is way too young to have such reverence for this stuff, assails the rockist ethic that new bands should not play their bandmembers’ old bands’ material, noting “Fugazi was right not to play Minor Threat songs. But were they right not to play Rites of Spring or Embrace material?”

I will just note that on New Year’s Day 1988, I was at the 9:30 Club to see Happy Go Licky, comprising all of the former members of Rites of Spring, perform an encore rendition of their former band’s epigonal anthem of 80s teen annihilation romanticism, “Drink Deep” — after which the band broke up, and spun off into the unthinkable hereafter. (Actually, into Fugazi, mainly.) As though, having drunk once of the white-cold forbidden draught Punk Nostalgia, they had collapsed into impossibility. Which was as sublime an apotheosis as Michael Jordan’s winning of the NBA championship on the final shot of his career would have been, had he had the sense to stay retired.


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