Karadzic captured by mattsteinglass
July 22, 2008, 10:31 am
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Serbia arrests him and brings him before a national War Crimes court, prefatory to deporting him to the Hague. Surely conservatives will now proclaim their principled opposition to the jurisdiction of the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. Especially given this element:

The charges state that forces under Mr. Karadzic’s command killed, tortured, mistreated, and sexually assaulted non-Serbs in these camps.

For relevance to current US political officials, see “Taxi to the Dark Side”.

Add.: I’m curious what Megan thinks about this. What if Serbian police were to arrest David Addington on war crimes charges? How would the US deny the legitimacy of such a move, what political arguments would American conservatives use to stoke outrage, and while obviously Karadzic is guilty of far graver crimes (e.g. genocide) what is the difference in terms of the question of war crimes and international jurisdiction?

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If Serbia wants to turn over Karadzic to the War Crimes Tribunal, that is up to them.

The War Crimes Tribunal has no jurisdiction over the US citizens as you falsely imply. For the War Crimes Tribunal to apply to US citizens would require Senate approval – which hasn’t been given. The bottom line: it is very easy for the US to deny legitimacy of the War Crimes Tribunal as it has no basis in US law.

By the way, the bombing of Kosovo was clearly in violation of international law, so…what if Greek police were to arrest Bill Clinton for ordering the illegal bombing of Kosovo (and the deaths of dozens or hundreds of innocent Serbian civilians who were labeled “collateral damage”). What political arguments would American liberals use to stoke outrage?

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