Obama signs in foreign languages by mattsteinglass
July 24, 2008, 8:33 pm
Filed under: President

Somehow I doubt anyone at NextRight, or even Ross Douthat, is complaining about this:

At the King David Hotel, some supporters brought Obama campaign signs bearing the slogan “Change you can believe in,” translated into Hebrew. In the lobby, an “Israel for Obama” sign was hanging from a chair.

Of course, some non-American languages are more non-American than others.

More broadly, when conservatives believe that the vision of an American candidate commanding respect and approval from Europeans is going to hurt Obama’s campaign, it would seem conservative attitudes towards foreigners are in a Brad DeLong “death spiral”. Conservatives have now degenerated from “If they cannot love us, let them fear us” to “If they do love us…wait, we don’t want them to love us! We want them to hate us!” Do people really think this is what the American people want?


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