A specific prediction that will no doubt make me look like an idiot in two weeks by mattsteinglass
July 25, 2008, 2:49 pm
Filed under: President

Various folks are either wondering why Obama isn’t ahead by more in the polls or wondering why people are wondering why Obama isn’t ahead by more in the polls.

I’m going to come down with a specific prediction about something completely unknowable and thereby, no doubt, make a complete fool of myself. I think we’re in a moment of lag. I think the impact of the difference in gravitas between these two campaigns that’s been revealed over the past week hasn’t hit yet. I think it will start to hit next week. By the week after next, you’re going to start seeing the gap between Obama and McCain widen.

There you go! I have just handed anyone who’s interested a hammer with which to bash me repeatedly once my predictions turn out to be hogwash, say, about 2 weeks from now.


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[…] What he fails to realize is that the sustained trend that’s developing here is the trend for the election to turn out exactly as I predicted. […]

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It really doesn’t matter what happens 2 weeks from now. What matters is what happens in November. I don’t think Obama has much of a chance of winning. We’ll see. I will take the public flogging if I am wrong.

Comment by Frank

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