The American firewall by mattsteinglass
July 30, 2008, 10:36 pm
Filed under: United States

Regarding Sam Brownback’s outrage (via Yglesias) at the idea that China would monitor internet usage at hotels, despite the fact that the US has been doing exactly the same thing (illegally) for 7 years, and Brownback just signed a law making it legal:

When I came to Vietnam in 2003, I was looking for leads for articles, and I talked with an Israeli businessman here who knew a bit about the companies, some of them supposedly Israeli, that were helping Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security with its internet firewalling and surveillance activities. And the first thing he put on the table when we starting talking was that the surveillance and censorship Vietnam was doing, though it got a lot of press, was comparatively penny-ante stuff. “You know which countries do by far the most surveillance, monitoring and interception of internet and email traffic in the world, right?” I was silent. “The US and the UK,” he said. “There’s no comparison.”

I chalked that up to the kind of paranoia that often accompanies the ostentatiously disillusioned attitude which that ilk of business and security types like to affect, and went on with the conversation.

Silly me.

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