“The peace with honor theme” by mattsteinglass
August 7, 2008, 12:59 am
Filed under: President, Vietnam

An interesting conversation between Richard Nixon and Brent Scowcroft on March 22, 1973, which Nixon was thoughtful enough to record for posterity.

RN: “_________office, ah, I would like for you to, ah, get a hold of the Gergen, er, Buchanan shop over there and tell them that you’re__________. I would like from the POW letters and messages–their statements and messages pulled out, and about the ten most powerful things that were said. Not about the President. ___________. Ah____________ country. Ah, I’m not interested, I, ah, I don’t, I don’t, need from them, the, ah, I don’t need from them what they said about the bombing, ah, you know what I mean, ah, that is, is the bombing worth__________ I mean their, ah…”

BS: “Sort of the patriotic________.”

RN: “Well, the peace with honor theme basically. In other words, thanks for bringing us back on our ____________ on our feet rather than on our knees. It’s that kind of thing, ah,______________statements particularly. In other words, love their country, proud of service, ah, we did what was right, and we are proud of what we did, thank you for bringing us back. _________________________ the very best, all of them______________said about that, understand? I don’t need, ah, I don’t want, I’m not looking for things that praise the President ________ issued by the White House. Or self-serving but I want__________________ I guess you, you could get a hold of Gergen though?”

BS: “Right, he’s been, he’s been collecting all the…”

RN: “Can’t you say to him, now put in your best people on, Andrews, _____________. I want you to put two or three guys on it. ________________________ get it by–today is Thursday and I want to have it by Saturday _______________. Ok, now with regard to where we stand…oh, hold on a minute.”

[Telephone conversation–not recorded on WHT taping system]

RN: “I forgot to ask you, are we announcing the, ah, the ah, POW party today? Or…”

Sure was a good script. 35 years later, and they’re still running on it. Still feeding it to Gergen, for that matter.


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