It seems important to understand what this Russian guy means by this by mattsteinglass
August 26, 2008, 12:37 am
Filed under: Russia

From a very good piece by Megan Stack in today’s LA Times:

“Moscow is very much concerned with the meddling of the United States in the post-Soviet space,” said Sergei Markov, a Russian analyst close to the Kremlin. “We have been watching for a long time how the United States, under the guise of helping new democracies, has in fact been gaining managerial control over these countries.”

The perception is widespread in countries outside the US’s orbit of influence that increasingly democratic self-governance in their neighbors, coupled with a closer relationship between their neighbors and the US, equals something like “managerial control over these countries” by the US. I think it would be worth approaching this perception without any preconceptions about its validity and seeing what kind of response makes sense. What do they understand by “managerial control over these countries”? Is this just a dangerous misinterpretation arising in societies which have a weak understanding of the concept of separate civil, economic, and political spheres? Or is their assessment grounded in a sufficient degree of fact that it cannot simply be waved away? To what extent does US backing of “color revolution” figures in Eastern Europe resemble US backing of exile pseudo-democratic stooges in Iraq, which ultimately came to be seen as cover for an invasion in the service of the expansion of US imperial power and the pursuit of contracts by politically influential US companies?

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