Spinning over Hanoi, out of control by mattsteinglass
September 2, 2008, 12:41 pm
Filed under: President

He knew dropping the bombs was a bad idea, but…f*** it:

I recognized the target sitting next to the small lake from the intelligence photographs I had studied. I dove in on it just as the tone went off signaling that a SAM was flying toward me. I knew I should roll out and fly evasive maneuvers, “jinking”, in fliers’ parlance, when I heard the tone. …But I was just about to release my bombs when the tone sounded, and had I started jinking I would never have had the time nor, probably, the nerve, to go back in once I had lost the SAM. So, at about 3,500 feet, I released my bombs, then pulled back the stick to begin a steep climb to a safer altitude. In the instant before my plane reacted, a SAM blew my right wing off. I was killed.

— John McCain and Mark Salter, “Faith of My Fathers,” P. 188

It blew his right wing off. He was killed. Says it all.


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