The sheer guts of John McCain by mattsteinglass
September 4, 2008, 10:10 am
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Palin speech: John McCain is our Leader. War is a force that gives us meaning. I love my family.

At some point here we may get to a policy issue? Maybe?

Hey! The families of special needs children! An issue!

Oh, wait. She didn’t actually talk about doing anything for them. She said “you will have a friend and advocate in the White House.” Gee, great!

This is certainly the most convincing speech I’ve heard in ages by somebdy running for student government.

“We grow good people in our small towns” — which pod did they grow her in?

This is perfectly staggering. It really is nothing but a pure appeal to identity. If only people could vote over their cell phones like on American Idol.

“Some in the media consider you unqualified” if you’re from a small town… I don’t think running against the media is a good idea at this stage for her or McCain, but I could be wrong. They could be cowed into backing off the “experience” issue. Seems to me, though, it’s just goading them.

CNN “FAct: Sarah Palin won election to the governorship as a maverick reformer willing to distace herself from the Republican party” — WTF? This is a “fact”? This is a campaign plank. They can’t print that. Ridiculous.

The attack on Obama for having authored no major legislation is a good angle for them to work. If he responds with the legislation he has authored, it’ll sound small. The fact that the GOP has vetoed every single piece of legislation for the past 2 years is hard to make people understand.

“He’s worried that someone won’t read [terrorists] their rights” — the GOP, still the party of Dirty Harry.

“Obama supports plans to raise the income tax, etc., and increase the tax burden on the American people” — yep, that’s some sneaky stuff there. He supports cutting taxes for 99% of the public, everybody under $250,000 a year, but what she said was not literally false.

Filibustering everything in Congress and then railing at the “do-nothing Congress” is also good tactics.

“places where…defeat means death” — technically, McCain was defeated, yet seems not to be dead. Quite.

Hey look, they found a black Republican to read the Pledge of Allegiance. Well, no, okay, I guess in the entertaiment portions of the evening, it’s legit to do whatever you want in terms of tokenism and theatrics.

Wolf Blitzer: “It’s not easy reading the teleprompter.” Soft bigotry of low expectations etc.


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