Our Special Projects are Better than Your Special Projects by mattsteinglass
September 9, 2008, 9:11 pm
Filed under: Foreign Policy, Israel, President

Top McCain foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann says the reason McCain supports a League of Democracies is that the Russian and Chinese vetoes on the UN Security Council mean it will never authorize strong action against states like Zimbabwe and Burma, or in situations like Kosovo. Matthew Yglesias retorts that “historically, the U.S. does more vetoing than any other country” and that “(a world in which the US does get to protect its vital interests, but Russia and China don’t) is going to be a non-starter in Moscow and Beijing for obvious reasons.” What he doesn’t make explicit is that the state which the US uses its veto power to protect the most often is Israel. American conservatives ought to think seriously about whether it would be advantageous to set up a situation where, the UNSC’s authority having been bypassed, Russians or Iranians could arrogate to themselves the right to openly intervene militarily on behalf of liberating oppressed Palestinians and giving them their own state, because the UN Security Council is unable to act on this pressing issue of human rights.


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You conveniently omit that “The “Concert of Democracies” concept originated from liberals Anne Marie Slaughter and John Ikenberry.

Comment by Frank

You conveniently admit that I thought it was a bad idea coming from them, too!

Comment by mattsteinglass

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