Kissinger: Obama’s right, talk to Iran by mattsteinglass
September 16, 2008, 11:15 am
Filed under: President, Vietnam

Who would have thought that McCain foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger would support Barack Obama’s position on “immediate, unconditional” talks with Iran, rather than McCain’s insistence that we never talk to our enemies? (Via Josh Marshall.)

It’s almost as if Kissinger might have advocated negotiating with the Communist North Vietnamese even while the US was fighting a war against them. Or might have actually been involved in secret negotiations with North Vietnamese president Le Duc Tho, even while American pilots like John McCain were being held in Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camps. What a crazy idea! As John McCain learned once and for all in Vietnam, you don’t deal with your enemies through negotiations; you deal with them by bombing them, getting shot down, failing to significantly affect their warmaking capacity, and ultimately losing and having to retreat in ignominy.


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