Class war by mattsteinglass
September 17, 2008, 10:25 pm
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DNC member Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s decision to endorse McCain because she finds Obama “elitist” highlights one seldom-noticed side of the class war: the hatred of stupid people who inherited their money for smart people who earned it.

Conversely, for people who don’t have much money, stupid people who inherited wealth from their families aren’t terribly threatening at an emotional level, whereas people who started with modest means but became extremely successful by dint of exceptional talent and discipline tend to make the rest of us feel like losers. Which is why we generally prefer to elect morons these days.


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Fact check:

Ms. Forester did not inherit her money. Or even married it.

She’s a New Jersey gal (from dubious side of the tracks) who, after divorcing her useless NYC municipal politician husband, made a huge bundle on her own right here in NYC–i.e. she’s a talented, self-made businesswoman. All this happen long before she met her current Rothschild husband.

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