People are nasty on blogs by mattsteinglass
March 5, 2009, 9:20 am
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It is conceivable that Santelli’s rant and the subsequent “tea parties” were associated with a deliberate political viral marketing campaign funded by wealthy right-wingers. Such a case could be made if it were well argued and substantiated by responsible journalists. Instead, however, we have an initial piece for Playboy that was kind of backed by some suggestive evidence, followed by Megan McArdle arguing that the organizational politics behind the claim didn’t seem to make sense (and disclosing that her boyfriend used to work at one of the organizations involved), followed by a really obnoxious ad hominem rant by the Playboy journalists against Megan McArdle in which they completely discredit themselves, and which I won’t link to because it’s gross. It manages, among other things, to introduce what is to my knowledge the first-ever instance of offensive Jewish anti-Gaelicism to make it into print. So in that sense I guess it’s pioneering journalism.

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