I want props for beating Tyler Cowen by five hours by mattsteinglass
March 6, 2009, 9:35 am
Filed under: Internet

At 12:27 am EST on March 3 I wrote that perhaps the explanation for the lack of internet-driven productivity growth (cf. Yglesias cf. Michael Mandel) was that most of the value generated by the internet (YouTube, Wikipedia) was free, and thus wasn’t showing up as GDP growth. At 5:59 am EST on March 3 Tyler Cowen wrote the same thing.

Like that guy who invented the telephone days before Alexander Graham Bell and the other guy who theorized evolution via inheritable natural selection somewhere in the same decades Darwin figured it out but never got around to publishing, I will probably not receive much public recognition for my half-baked blog post. This is particularly true since it seems John Quiggin has been saying much the same thing since 2006, and also working out the detailed implications, since he is an actual qualified economist rather than some ridiculous blogger. This just goes to prove my point about how the internet is terrible, because it makes everyone’s lives better for free.


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