Ben Bernanke and Ty’sheoma Bethea share hometown by mattsteinglass
March 16, 2009, 11:55 am
Filed under: Economics, Education

Funnily enough, it seems Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and “we are not quitters” high-schooler Ty’sheoma Bethea come from the same small town.

The television show, including footage of the Fed chief visiting the rural South Carolina town where he grew up, gave Bernanke an opportunity to make the case he understands the anxieties of ordinary Americans.

“I come from Main Street,” Bernanke said near the building where his father owned a pharmacy in Dillon, South Carolina.

I wonder if Bernanke went to her high school? Because somehow I don’t think that school is going to produce any more Fed chairmen until Mark Sanford cowboys up and spends the money to fix the roof, so the English classes can move out of those double-wide trailers next to the train tracks.

Add.: It looks like Bernanke did indeed attend Dillon High School, where he was valedictorian in 1971. Surely he has something to say about Sanford’s refusal to fix the roof at his alma mater.


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He’s not refusing to fix the roof. The legislature is refusing to allocate money from less important projects to fix the roof. And if Sanford consented to a tax increase, they probably still wouldn’t fix the roof, because there are about 15,000 more politically rewarding projects for legislators that come before fixing poor people’s schools. this is how legislatures, including our Congress, work. Blaming the executive that says, “No” to their never-ending greed for our money is only encouraging them. Make them take money from whatever Cowgirl Hall of Fame they have budgeted for and fix that darn roof!

Comment by Adam Herman

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