His zealot problem, and ours by mattsteinglass
May 18, 2009, 3:35 pm
Filed under: Iran, Israel

Jeffrey Rosen offers us the comforting news that an advisor to Bibi Netanyahu’s thinks of Iran as the incarnation of a mystical anti-Jewish force from Deuteronomy. Meanwhile, Netanyahu himself holds the following logic-defying view on the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb:

Mr. Netanyahu doesn’t believe that Iran would necessarily launch a nuclear-tipped missile at Tel Aviv. He argues instead that Iran could bring about the eventual end of Israel simply by possessing such weaponry. “Iran’s militant proxies would be able to fire rockets and engage in other terror activities while enjoying a nuclear umbrella,” he said. This could lead to the depopulation of the Negev and the Galilee, both of which have already endured sustained rocket attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah.

Let me get this straight. The idea is that Hamas militants would be able to launch Qassam rockets at Beersheva and Israel wouldn’t be able to retaliate by bombing them or sending in soldiers because if they did, there would be a credible threat that Iran would fire a nuclear missile at Israel?

There are two non-Arab states in the Near East ruled by governments of an explicitly religious character which make public statements that sometimes indicate their political leadership is blinded by supernatural fantasies and impervious to reason. Sometimes I find it hard to remember which is which.


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