The ticking bong scenario by mattsteinglass
May 26, 2009, 9:29 pm
Filed under: Drugs, Human Rights and Torture, Terrorism

Josh Marshall writes:

Question of the Day: If a government informant gives a would-be jihadist bags and bags of weed to entice him to join his jihad, where does he get the weed?

But he’s wrong; that’s not the question of the day.

The question of the day is: if by giving a terrorist bags and bags of weed, you could save the lives of hundreds or even trillions of Americans, wouldn’t you choose to give him the weed? And given this sobering moral dilemma, do we really have the luxury of outlawing weed? Isn’t that just naive? What if your son or daughter was killed by a terrorist who an FBI agent had failed to entrap in a sting operation because of an inability to offer him sufficiently copious bags of weed? We are a nation at war, people.


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Hehe. Sound reasoning sir! And a great headline.

Comment by jb

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