LSU B.A. thinks Princeton/Yale J.D. isn’t smart enough by mattsteinglass
May 27, 2009, 9:24 am
Filed under: Gender, United States

Rod Dreher received a BA in Journalism, without honors, from Louisiana State, so perhaps the extremely stupid thing he wrote yesterday reflects ignorance of how academic achievements are awarded, rather than malice. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, let’s just get this clear. Neither Princeton nor any other university takes race into account when deciding which graduates will be granted their degrees summa cum laude. Antonin Scalia presumably earned his summa from Georgetown, even though he is Italian, just as Sonia Sotomayor earned her summa from Princeton, even though she is Puerto Rican. Samuel Alito presumably earned his spot as an editor at the Yale Law Review, just as Sonia Sotomayor earned her spot as an editor at the Yale Law Review. Similarly, Clarence Thomas presumably earned his cum laude from Holy Cross and his J.D. from Yale Law School, though, unlike Sotomayor, he graduated in the middle of his class and did not serve on the Law Review.

There’s exactly one reason conservatives are accusing Sotomayor of lacking the intellectual “firepower” to serve on the court. (“Firepower?” WTF? Maybe John Yoo, before he gets disbarred for ignoring relevant cases in legal advice to the POTUS, could address the question of whether Sotomayor has the balls to take on other justices mano a mano, whether she has the intellectual power tools to get under the hood of the court and give the law a tune-up? Because I’m not really sure what he’s implying here.) Or, to be precise, there are two. One involves ethnicity. The other involves gender. We all know exactly what’s going on here.


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