Why did Europeans vote against immigrants? by mattsteinglass
June 9, 2009, 8:57 pm
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I have no idea. But I thought it’d be a good opportunity to post that photo.

Anyway, Finnish President Hallonen is addressing the closing session of the IPI congress, and she just said “I still support the Nordic model, even after those elections.” I’m not exactly sure what that means. It’s my understanding that the far-right Finnish party that won about 15% of the vote in the European Parliament elections the day before yesterday (about par for the EU) doesn’t oppose the standard social planks of the Nordic system — high taxes, generous social benefits, an emphasis on public goods and strong education. They just want to kick out the Roma and the Somalians. And maybe the Russians — that’s never quite clear to me here.


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Looking at the stats for those who voted BNP it becomes more clear. The average BNP voter:

* Is lower-middle class

* Male

* More likely to be a manual labourer

* Much more likely to be fearful of their economic future than the average

* Much more likely to be a former Labour voter, but now believes that Labour isn’t looking out for people like them

* Believes that the state discriminates against white people

* Believes that he is not a racist, even if he votes for a party which explicitly advocates excluding all non-white immigrants

Check out the rest of the survey here:

What does this show us? Basically these are the people who can be found anywhere. They are the people who believe that they are economically threatened by immigrants and wish to exclude them. Poorly educated, but not actually poor or members of the under-class, they have no way of maintaining their status other than through what basically amounts to protectionism. Fortunately no major party really represents these opinions any more, unfortunately the far-right (many of whom would fit comfortably in the US republican party) has stepped in to fill the gap.

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