The best argument is an argument made in hilarious British dialect by mattsteinglass
June 14, 2009, 10:42 pm
Filed under: Europe, Livestock, Marxism

In the adjustment period between Finland and Hanoi with a couple days in Paris between I somehow missed this post by Megan McArdle calling all of our attention to this superb bit of rhetoric by Daniel Davies:

It’s therefore an important point to be made, to our own population and to the world’s watching media, that Nick Griffin isn’t in fact a newly popular and influential political figure; he’s a widely reviled creep who not only doesn’t lead a phalanx of jackbooted supporters, but actually can’t even set up for a TV interview without being pelted with eggs. The voice of the British populace does not shout “Hail Griffin!”, it shouts, “Oi Fatty, cop this! [splat]”.

Not only was I unaware that the head of the British National Party had been egged; had I been so aware, before reading this post, I probably would have found said egging a bit tedious and most likely counterproductive. After reading the post, I am a gung-ho member of the pro-egging faction. How often is it that one reads something that actually changes one’s mind? What worries me however is that while Davies’s argument may in itself be sound, the reason I changed my mind was rather because I was too busy laughing at the words “Cracking shot, sir!” and “Oi Fatty, cop this!” to disagree. I have a feeling that I might be persuaded to back the economic policies of Eva Peron or Ron Paul if they were expressed in the language of a really good Eric Idle skit.


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[…] first. Many people indeed seem to support the legitimacy of this kind of speech act (see here and here for examples), and of related “genres” as pie throwing (most famous victim: Bill Gates) […]

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Matt, I just wanted to share with you a comment, made by – I guess – a BNP member, on a post of mine on the same subject; I quote:

“The useful idiots on the left have now come to the point in which, in the name of defending the suicidal freedom offered by their multi-cultural hell (which fewer and fewer ordinary people want by the looks of the election resluts) they need to show their true colours – i.e. those of intolerant totalitarianism”.

I guess the eggs are having an effect.

Comment by Filip Spagnoli

Yeah, a guy throwing eggs = totalitarianism. Can’t make an omelette, and all that.

Comment by mattsteinglass

‘dialect’? That’s talking proper that is!

Comment by FOARP

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