Iranian attempts to suppress dissent not historically successful by mattsteinglass
June 18, 2009, 1:01 pm
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Election protest in Isfahan, June 17. Photo posted via email from Iran After the Election.

Election protest in Isfahan, June 17. Photo posted via email from Iran After the Election.


So when Xerxes heard of it he was full of wrath, and straightway gave orders that the Hellespont should receive three hundred lashes, and that a pair of fetters should be cast into it. Nay, I have even heard it said that he bade the branders take their irons and therewith brand the Hellespont. It is certain that he commanded those who scourged the waters to utter, as they lashed them, these barbarian and wicked words: “Thou bitter water, thy lord lays on thee this punishment because thou hast wronged him without a cause, having suffered no evil at his hands. Verily King Xerxes will cross thee, whether thou wilt or no. Well dost thou deserve that no man should honour thee with sacrifice; for thou art of a truth a treacherous and unsavoury river.”

Herodotus’s Histories, Book 7.


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Yes, Persia was always a land power. Even the Caspian Sea — or at least its oil — seems to be going Russia’s way.

Comment by Jarrett

Had to translate that bit as a kid, always one of my faves.

Comment by FOARP

Now Moussavi just has to expose the election’s irregulations since the supreme leader Khameni took his stance puplicily on the Friday sermon. If Mr. Moussavi can prove the fraud of the election, Khameni will be vulnerable among other clerics since his stance is contradicted to every thing the Iranian Revolution had fought against such as corruption, oppression and un-islamic values. Comply with the authority order but openly defy the wrong assessment of Khameni about the election would disarm his rhetoric arguement of foreign intervention in the green movement which the hardliner will use as an excuse to crush the reformists. Linking the opposition to the Great Satan is the most powerful and favorable excuse to exercise violence against the ongoing protesters.

Comment by tdeer3

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