French people, desiring the impossible by mattsteinglass
July 3, 2009, 8:37 am
Filed under: Music, Philosophy

John Quiggin Holbo thinks Matthew Yglesias is wrong: the answer to the question on the French Bac exam is that it’s not absurd to desire the impossible. What’s clear is that if French teens consider this question a serious one, it’s because they have quite rightly been listening to plenty of Paris-based Swedish musician Peter Von Poehl.


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Actually, it’s John Holbo who disagrees, though I agree with John Holbo

Comment by John Quiggin

I desire never again to make silly mistakes of this sort, but that’s obviously impossible.

Comment by mattsteinglass

All I know is that I must have more French blood in me than I’d reckoned…

Comment by Forrester McLeod

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