If we lead on renewable energy, will the developing world follow? by mattsteinglass
August 2, 2009, 4:05 pm
Filed under: Energy, Vietnam

The headline’s a cheat: I don’t know. But I had a very weird conversation recently with someone very in-the-know who first said, on the one hand, that Vietnam’s senior leadership is desperately looking for new energy sources, is horrified by the environmental consequences of Chinese coal, and is thus very likely to turn to renewables, such as wind, which has huge potential off Vietnam’s long coastline. And then, about half an hour later, started saying that because of the shortsightedness and corruption of the middle level of management in Vietnam’s government, that efforts to move towards renewables would probably lead nowhere, and the country would end up throwing away its potential.

In sum, I came away feeling I knew more than I did before, but haven’t actually advanced any further towards a yes-or-no answer to the question.


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