Change of address. by mattsteinglass
August 10, 2009, 10:39 am
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I’m moving this blog to a new address, on True/Slant:

Some old content will, alas, disappear with the move. But I hope you all follow over there, and update your RSS readers. The content and topics will be the same, only much better.




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Hi —
Not only do sign-in comment systems suck for commenters, they suck for readers because a really interesting post is one that survives criticism in the comments. With basically no comments, all your new posts will go in my “could be true, wait till I see somebody try to knock it down” file. So boo to trueslant.

Comment by Noumenon

Matt, I just started blogging at True/Slant myself. Looking forward to following your work there. Best of luck!

Comment by uvasig

Why can’t you just sign in, Noumenon?

Comment by Joel

#1, even if I do sign in I still can’t read all the comments that weren’t left by people who decided not to comment because they had to sign in. Look at his new comment section, it’s a wasteland.

#2, I don’t give out my info to blogs. The very few blogs that make you register I assume don’t really want my comments anyway, or they wouldn’t make it such a pain in the ass.

Comment by Noumenon

Nice Job. For what Its worth you have at least one fan in Kansas City

Comment by Mafia Wars Fan

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