I love you, man by mattsteinglass
August 20, 2009, 9:38 am
Filed under: Libertarianism

Theodore Olson’s Road to Championing Same-Sex Marriage –

Great article by Jo Becker, and the liberal’s heart warms at this principled stand taken by someone whose ideology is diametrically opposed to ours but who is compelled by the justice of the cause. Of course, our hearts only warm because he happens to agree with us. The grounds on which Olson takes his stand in favor of gay marriage are libertarian grounds; he’s opposed to government discrimination, but one gets the feeling that he gets as excited by the “government” part as by the “discrimination” part. So one can envision that somewhere down the road, hard to say where, liberals would wind up getting infuriated again by the same guy they were getting all choked up over when we were cooperating. The genre, sworn-enemies-get-over-their-differences-and-cooperate-in-a-just-cause, is a classic Hollywood one. You can see the spitfire American colonel and the gruff Russian major slapping each other on the back, having just kicked Nazi ass together. But presumably at some point afterwards they wind up in a conversation about whether the Poles demonstrating against Russian rule are exercising their democratic national rights or are stooges of capitalist foreign espionage, and at that point the buddy drama starts to go sour.


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