Frum on Republican yahooism by mattsteinglass
September 11, 2009, 1:53 am
Filed under: Conservatism

College Republicans?: “Too much writing about politics takes the form of movie reviews. The script failed, the part was poorly played, I didn’t like the show. But it’s not a show. Perhaps some of the Republican opposition has been hysterical or buffoonish or in some cases manipulative and deceptive. But it is the president’s plan and this party’s bills that will or will not become law, and their failings are not diminished one whit by the deficiencies of their opponents.”

If David Frum thinks we’re talking too much about Republicans’ inability to participate in decent political discourse, he should…talk about something else. But he’s wrong. The discussion of the ethics of political discourse is a substantive discussion. We can’t address political issues across party lines in any kind of productive way until Republicans stop behaving the way they’ve been behaving. We can have substantive discussions with people like David Frum. But that’s a tiny intellectual minority of the conservative community. That has to change, or this country will remain paralyzed in the face of the challenges it needs to meet.


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