Or, for that matter, Hymie Greedstein? by mattsteinglass
September 11, 2009, 10:42 am
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Hit & Run > Maybe it’s a Little Bit Fun Being an Illegal Alien – Reason Magazine.

Matt Welch probably shouldn’t have gone quite exactly there:

my question is this: If the government is coercing John and Jane Healthy to buy insurance so that the rest of us have to pay less money for their emergency room visits, on what planet does the same argument not apply to Juan y Juana Undocumento?

But what about Sean O’Drunkard? Shaniqua Crackhuffer? Jeb McRedneck? Deepak Premednerdi? Henry J.W. Richwhitejerk, Jr.?


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Why not? Was it the o at the end, or the otherwise parallel English/Spanish construction?

Comment by Matt Welch

To my eye the problem is that “Healthy” is positive and “Undocumento” is negative. I mean, it’s not a big deal and probably I just wanted an opportunity to make up some silly names. But I think it’s a stylistic mistake to do it that way — it links the imitation of dialect and ethnic name to a negative characteristic presumed (in an often bigoted fashion) to be typical of that ethnicity. Again, I’m not into political correctness. But I do actually think this one leaves a bad taste.

Comment by Matt Steinglass

Undocumentedo is *descriptive*, not negative, and unavoidable in the context of talking about what the actual bigots usually call “illegals” (and chafe at calling “undocumented,” because they find it euphemistic).

Comment by Matt Welch

“An undocumented immigrant,” or “an illegal immigrant,” are descriptive. The “Juan y Juana” part, coupled to “undocumento,” takes it into the poor-taste zone.

Comment by Matt Steinglass

“Again, I’m not into political correctness.”

(Whew. Let me catch my breath.)

Good one!

Comment by citizennothing

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