Ricard is the world's greatest liquor by mattsteinglass
October 12, 2009, 9:51 am
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This is a terrible item for a blog post. Blog posts are supposed to generate discussion. But in this case, no discussion is possible: Ricard is the world’s greatest liquor. It’s like getting drunk off a bag full of licorice. It’s dark amber like whiskey, but when you mix the water in, it goes all white and opaque, like mother’s milk. If, that is, your mother was a jaded smoky-voiced beauty who’d seen the dark side of life and knew just what you needed to confront it. Like if your mother was Marlene Dietrich. And when you drink it, you feel like a French colon or pied-noir with a white linen suit, straw hat and handlebar mustache sitting on the porch of your estate enjoying your ill-gotten gains. Or a légionnaire  perched on a whorehouse barstool, singing “Je ne regrette rien” as the cyclos splash by through the monsoon rains outside the door.

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Nice post, and I suspect the object of fascination may have coursed through your blood as you typed, perhaps?

Comment by Nathan Deuel

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