More McRanches please by mattsteinglass

I have another interpretation of the Open Left map of the white male vote that went for Obama in different states:


The take home message: expanding voting rights – a progressive position – resulted in the ability to elect more liberal politicians.

In addition to Open Left’s take-home and to Matthew Yglesias’s other take-home (“progressive politics is badly disadvantaged by a situation in which the overwhelming majorities of political leaders and prominent media figures are white men”), I would note that there seems to be an opportunity for the Democrats to turn Montana blue with a few more part-time residences for liberal movie stars.


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Ha! So movie stars are the new Okies

There’s the Yellowstone Valley, where the seeds of The Industry were sewn
And the Bozeman black forest, where the stars come to rent and to own.
Well, they’re not deep nor wide, but their necks turn pink in the sun,
And wherever they gather, a communist is safe to run.
(To the tune of “Kern River.”)

Comment by citifieddoug

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