If David Brooks had 10 Republican Senators on puppet strings by mattsteinglass
November 27, 2009, 1:02 am
Filed under: Conservatism, Politics

Talk about a scary puppet show. Personally, if I had 10 Republican Senators on puppet strings, I’d just have them whack each over the head over and over again, shrieking in high-pitched voices. Come to think of it, there’s a guy who has 40 Republican Senators on puppet strings, and this is pretty much exactly what he does with them. Compare:

[youtubevid id=”K1rtU3Ix1gA&feature=related”] [youtubevid id=”FwP9FT-HM2Q”]


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Sad, but TRUE

Comment by fleetlee

Funny! I think this is a case of a marionette trying to pull back. Brooks is often the most August Republican talking sense. He might have chosen this bill to get back in the graces of the party.

Comment by citifieddoug

I actually couldn’t quite figure out what Brooks was saying. Was he endorsing the view of his hypothetical senators that MedPAC was too “centralized”? I didn’t think so but it’s not clear. I also find it still mind-boggling to see someone describe Larry Summers as “not a flaming leftist”. “Not a knee-jerk conservative” would be at least as accurate a description.

Comment by Matt Steinglass

Yeah, I don’t know either and it seems like he doesn’t know either. On one hand, it sounds like the rhetorical conditional no- the classic political gambit of finding something small and specific (and likely to stay) about a giant project to call unconscionable so you can look meticulous instead of obstructionist.

On the other hand, the position he takes at the end- that you kind of have to pass something or else the whole topic becomes politically impossible, that I have a lot of sympathy with. I think Waxman-Markey, for example, is probably going to be the absolutely worst bill that could possibly be written to price carbon and may be the best bill that could possibly pass. If it fails we’re done pricing carbon until the ocean boils.

The solution I’d recommend to Mr. Brooks on healthcare is the one I’m using for Waxman-Markey. Encourage the legislature until the bill passes and then despise everyone connected with it until death comes for us all.

Comment by citifieddoug

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