Global warming is back by mattsteinglass
November 28, 2009, 6:38 am
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2009 could wind up the second hottest year on record, surpassing 2007.

Oddly, the only places that have had cool years this year are the US, and Southeast Asia. My homes away from homes. Add: and Argentina, which I have nothing to do with, though I hear it’s very nice.

Add 2: The real import of this is to think ahead a couple of years, after heat records are being set again, and project how the climate change debate in the US will react. It will be important to remind people of all the talk of global cooling that was tossed around this year, and ensure that any apparent future slowdowns in warming don’t strengthen denialist attempts to slow down carbon emissions limits.

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Mr. Steinglass,

The unusually cool weather in the US has to do with developing El Niño which has a cooling effect on North America.

Comment by davidlosangeles

Global Warming is naturally-occurring and BENEFICIAL! In 1938, the earth’s population was (3) Billion people. In 2008, (70 year period), in doubled to (6) Billion. In an another (70) year period, (2078), at the current rate of increase, [unless there is a mitigating factor(s)], it will double again, to (12) Billion people. By 2148, Earth’s population could become a mind-boggling (24) Billion people, (with a commensurate increase of live-stock and agricultural needs). ALL NEED Water! 70% of the earth’s FRESH WATER, is SAVED up for mankind, in the Antarctica, in the forms of Ice & Snow! After all the ice & snow are converted to FRESH WATER, electricity generated from renewable energies & atomic fission, will do the following: 1) Pipe-line the FRESH WATER to where it is NEEDED, including desert areas, 2) Create many large fresh-water lakes, which may be used for many purposes, including irrigation of crops & hydroponics, 3) desalinate the water from
the oceans, 4) Eons from then, the electricity may be uses to CREATE water,(synthesize it)! The foregoing excerpted from a 23-page analysis, (in layman’s language). Anyone who is interested for the full report, just supply me with an E Mail Address1

Comment by carmine41328

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