Hippie Jesus: legend…or myth? by mattsteinglass
November 28, 2009, 4:22 am
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Andrew Sullivan refers to Jesus Christ as “a family-less hippie commie of the first century.” This is a version of the Jesus myth that I’ve always found congenial, but I was also under the impression that it was a bit of an artifact of 20th-century left-wing ideology, and particularly of the communalist return to innocence of the late ’60s and early ’70s. So it’s interesting to see Sullivan, a believer and by no means a leftist, embracing that version, even though he’s doing it a bit sardonically and chiefly as a way of contrasting his vision of Jesus with that of the American Baptist-evangelical right. But I’m curious: just how Communist can one legitimately take Jesus to have been? What is the current take on the width of the eye of a needle, relative to your average camel?

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Well, an interesting problem we have answering your probably-not-serious question seriously is that in a big segment of the church-going public, the bible was dictated by the Holy Spirit who is one in the Trinity with Jesus so if Jesus had said “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability” in the gospel and you can dig up a proverb which says “Be ye industrious and yield nothing to the lazy and foolish” those cancel each other out in describing Jesus’ view. This is consistent with the Jewish notion of the septuagint.

Personally, I find that taking Jesus as the Messiah of the Gospels, the Hippie tag works better than the Commie tag. There are other currencies meant to be redistributed than coins and other agencies for redistribution than Government.

However, to change paradigms toward Christology by irrelevance, did you really write episodes of “Doug?” When my ex was in grad school, she used to watch that and Pepper Ann and if I could make it home for lunch, we watched them together. I think she found parallels in the texts to chemical engineering.

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